Dragonfruit Yellow BULK


This is a tropical fruit, fresh and juicy, tastes sweet and crunchy like a pear and a watermelon with the consistency of a kiwi, imported directly from Colombia.

Usage and ripening guide below.


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Dragon fruit is scientifically kown as Cereus enneacanthus. The origin of the dragon fruit is in Central America and is known there under the name pitahya or pitaya. The ripe fruits are eaten similar to prickly pears. Halved lengthwise and spooned. Its refreshingly sour taste is perfect for consuming in the summer to cool down. Since the pitahya consists of over 90% water, it is low in calories. 

Return/Refund Policy ~ Due to perishability, returns on fresh fruit are NOT accepted. In the unfortunate event that fruit arrives in unacceptable conditions please email reklamation@jjgt.de within 24 hours of receiving fruit with CLEAR photos of the product highlighting the issues. If the box arrives damaged and/or late please submit a shipping claim with DPD and contact us as well at info@jjgt.de.

Benefits of the product

  • Help lower your blood sugar
  • Helpful bacteria presnt in it can kill disease-causing viruses and bacteria
  • Are good for your immune system
  • Anti cancer properties

Usage and ripening guide

  • Ready to eat on arrival. 
  • Eat or refrigerate on arrival.
  • Cut lengthwise and scoop out the juicy flesh.
  • Seeds are edible while shell is not.


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